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Since a young age I have had a love for health and fitness. I have been fortunate enough to enjoy many sports, and to compete at a highly competitive level in springboard diving on the international stage. After school I went on to coach springboard diving, and was head coach and manager of Auckland Diving and assistant coach for New Zealand Diving. My job required me to work evenings, weekends and involved a lot of travel. I loved it, but it was not ideal when I got married and became step Mum to a 4yr old boy. I missed out on his birthdays, bedtimes and hardly got to spend time with my husband. I decided to leave and shortly after fell pregnant with my little boy Evan, now Mum to 2, I knew I wanted to do something with my life that would be helping people, something I believed in, something that made me feel like what I did was worthwhile and still have time with my beautiful family.

After having my little boy, i knew i wanted to do something that would complement my passion for sport, health and fitness.  I studied and qualified as a personal trainer and with a fitness business diploma in October 2012 and I knew I wanted to run my own business, so my husband, the great builder he is, set to work on our garage, and my studio, Be that Body came into being and was opened in December 2012. I have been developing my business ever since in Te Atatu Peninsula, West Auckland, and recently moved to the beautoful beach town Whangamata on the Coromandel Coast, successfully running personal training sessions, group sessions and boot camp classes, having a whole HEAP of fun and seeing amazing results.

During my discovery of my passion for health and fitness my most important realisation has been that I gain a real sense of accomplishment and fulfilment through helping others to reach their personal fitness goals. My specialty is training women, particularly those post baby bodies (whether it be recent or many years down the track!!) I've been there and done it myself, and I know the struggles we face after having babies, but I'm here to offer a solution to those tummy's that need tightening, bum's that need lifting and thighs that need toning!

In addition to my optimistic, motivational and bubbly nature, I consider myself an athlete who has the necessary skills and innovative training methods to assist individuals to firstly realise what they are capable of accomplishing, secondly to motivate them to be disciplined in their training, and lastly and most importantly, to achieve their personal goals, a sense of accomplishment and ultimately a healthier lifestyle.  One that they can stick to for the rest of their lives!!

I am so excited about the future and the many more goals I have to make a reality whilst striving to keep my promise to help people become trim, tight, toned and terrific!!  We are now expanding our business, adding new like-minded fantastic trainers and helping more people!!  We would love to help you too!!

Lisa Wright

Lisa Wright

Lisa's opinion

“Start today -- The first step is always the hardest but you’ll never regret it! It hurts now…..but one day it will be your warm up!”

Lisa Wright

Personal Trainer

Main Focus


Post Pregnancy

Tummy's need tightening, bum's need lifting and thighs that need toning!


Strength Training

I promise to help my clients become trim, tight, toned and terrific.


Group Training

Massive community support from other transformers and trainers!.


Core Exercises

Building Core Muscles are important for posture and good form.


Building Muscle

Daily motivation provided to keep you disciplined in your training!



Fitness increases your stamina and helps you shred & look lean!


100% - Diet & Nutrition
80% - Effort & Training
20% - Time
100% - Mind & Willpower