8 Week Challenge

Hey all you amazing people out there. Join the 8 week challenge for an amazing opportunity to be HOT HOT HOT this summer!!!  Whether it’s to lose those few kg’s so that your stepping out onto the beach this summer, feeling more confident than you ever have before….

Or just to feel fitter, tighter, more toned and trim to get some real FOCUS into your health and fitness mission, then this is for you!


  • Access to our boot camps and high intensity interval trainings.
  • 2 x at-home cardio programs sent via email to do in your own time
  • A unique nutrition plan, tailored to suit you.  This is not a diet but a lifestyle eating plan that you can stick to.
  • Massive community support from other transformers and trainers! I will also be available for one Skype session per week per person to chat about how your going and provide any extra motivation and advice you may need and tweak your nutrition plan if required.
  • A pre-photo-shoot cut up nutrition advice to be photo ready – it can be a bit scientific!
  • Measurements of all your body changes
  • Professional final reveal photo shoot with digital copies of your results.
  • A fun get together with snacks and champagne to celebrate your amazing results on photo shoot day.

NEW NEW NEW - We also now have an online program for our 8 week challenge, which includes all workouts, plans and advice being sent online and communication via email and skype.  A great way to still get amazing results, achieved from your own home!
Next 8 week challenge begind mid-February 2015... contact us for more details.